January 5 2011 – Day 5

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Still haven’t gotten the Christmas decorations put up yet – so thought I would try to capture the wreath that I decorate the kitchen table with. I love the way it sparkles and catches the light!


January 4 2011 – Day 4

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There was such a beautiful sunrise this morning in Georgia that even Neil Boortz commented about it on his show today.

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but does show the interesting cloud formations that actually continued throughout the day.

January 3 2011 – Day 3

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Caught this shot while waiting at the red light today. This Waffle House will be torn down in probably about a month or so. There is a Walgreens going in behind it and apparently the company bought the whole corner lot.

Interestingly, is the fact that if you could see to the right of this Waffle House in the photo you would discover that they are building another one  identical to it. It’s just moving down so many yards.

For someone who hasn’t been around the area for a while – I’m sure this will cause some “I thought it was closer to the street” moments, but I guess one day we won’t even remember that it was moved.

January 2 2011 – Day 2

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Got to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant today.  🙂

January 1 2011 – Photo 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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First…the rules. The plan is one photo a day for a each day of the year. This is my 3rd attempt.

I tend to use my cell phone and capture live moments – so some photos (as is today’s) are just the view of my world as I see it or captured quickly on film and not always the greatest of shots.

This photo was initially going to be of a turkey sitting on a fence, but the turkey jumped off and took off running as  I was driving by – so instead you have a good shot of the fence and you can see a couple of turkeys in the background if you look real close!

Happy New Year!

Parting shot for 2010

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So….I think it is safe to say that my Project 365 for 2010 was NOT a success.

Hope springs eternal, however, and I will return in 2011 to renew the challenge.

For now – I leave you with this shot of our driveway take on the 26th after Georgia’s first true white Christmas in over 100+ years. We had over 2 inches of snow here and there is still some on the ground.

Anyway, I hope you have had a splendid holiday season and you have a prosperous New Year in 2011.

Until then….


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Where’s Waldo?

There is actually a squirrel in this picture. Can you find him?

Hint: Look to the right of the apple that is about half way down from the top.

This squirrel was stealing apples and eating part of them and then tossing them and getting a new one. He plucked several right from the branches while we watched.